Barre - Getting Started

Barre, the Practice


Inspired by the original Lotte Berk method, H.Y.P. Barre takes barre work to the next level of deep, intense and effective. Combining the best of proven movement disciplines like Pilates, yoga and dance, BarreMode safely ups the ante and endurance at the barre, while building strong, flexible bodies and toned, lean muscle. Get prepared to build a strong core, tone up problem areas, improve your posture and focus your mind when you belly up to the barre on a regular basis!

H.Y.P. Barre re-imagines a barre class as a flowing, multi-faceted, yet comprehensive fitness system. This unique class builds flexible strength, supple spines and toned, bulk-free muscle in the most challenging places in the body (thighs, abs, gluts), while increasing endurance and range of motion in the back, hips and joints. 

Each H.Y.P. Barre class begins with a body opening, warm-up, center floor, then moves to the barre for a full body work-out, that progressively stretches and strengthens muscles, works the core, and builds toned, lithe physiques. Class ends in a rest and release, bringing each class full circle from warm-up to cool down to final resting pose.

Barre, at H.Y.P.

Our Wellesley, Needham and Medfield locations all offer Barre classes in beautiful, dedicated Studio spaces. Additionally, we periodically have $5.00 donation-based Community Barre classes on our schedule, with new teacher trainees, with all proceeds going to help our 4-legged friends at the MEDFIELD ANIMAL SHELTER. All of our instructors are fully certified and continuously mentored throughout the year. 

Barre, Getting Started.

It's easy to get started with the barre class that everyone's raving about! Simply be new to H.Y.P., click to purchase our TEN FOR $25.00 new student pass online or buy it at any Studio location (brand new students only please-one per student), then come to the barre as much as possible in a 10 (consecutive) day period. You'll get wonderfully addicted-guaranteed! New students can also purchase a SINGLE CLASS DROP-IN if the preference is to take it one step, or class, at a time, or any of our cost-saving group class packages. Or sign up for our $82.00 (regularly $96.00) NEW STUDENT INTRO PRIVATE and schedule a private session with any of our amazing Barre trainers, where you can learn the methodology and any individual modifications, in a 1 on 1 setting. Click to e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'; document.getElementById('cloak78433').innerHTML += ''+addy_text78433+'<\/a>'; //--> with any questions or to schedule an introductory Barre private, and get ready to find your brand new body at the barre!