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Summer Edition with Masaaki Okamura

Saturday, June 10th, 2017
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Up! Down! Step Forward! Jump Back! Having a challenging time moving through the sequence or feeling the need to re-visit proper alignment subtleties? Are you ready to bring a greater sense of ease into your practice, and take it to a deeper level? The fluid motion of vinyasa comes from understanding the art of flow, and how safe alignment, minful transitioning and the connection of ujayii breath to movement, weaves it all together.
This 2 Hour Workshop will focus on the fundamental building blocks of a strong practice, from Sun Salutations through Wheel, and how to bring it all together in a seamless sequence, from pose to transition to pose. We will also be covering the uses of props, including blocks and straps, to enhance and modify movement, in order to find a place of greater ease and accessibility in your day-to-day practice.
Through questions and examples, we will spend the time together exploring the practice and the details of fluid movement. This Workshop is perfect for both beginning students and well-practiced students, and is a terrific next step for those who have completed our Introduction to Yoga series. Be curious, bring questions, and be ready to explore! Please note: this class will include some flow and practice, but will be taught in a comfortably warm room.