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Pilates, the Practice

Developed in the 1920s by legendary physical trainer Joseph H. Pilates, this pioneering method combines the best of Eastern and Western practices and philosophies, creating a system focused on building controlled flexibility and strength for the entire body, without building bulk or stressing the joints. Pilates conditioning develops core abdominal and back strength through a series of comprehensive exercises executed on a mat or on highly specialized equipment, while closely supervised and adjusted by a certified trainer. With an emphasis on breath, posture and body awareness, each exercise is limited to 5-10 repetitions that are performed with total focus on accurate form and quality of movement. Due to the personalized, form-intensive nature of Pilates, apparatus-based training is always conducted in small groups of no more than two to five participants, or in one-on-one private sessions.

Pilates, at H.Y.P.

Our Needham and Wellesley locations offer the area's most dedicated Pilates areas, fully equipped with a complete line of professional grade Pilates equipment and related apparatus. Our expert trainers work closely with each client to create motivating Pilates programming that is tailored to their specific needs, level of ability and ultimate goals. All of our instructors are certified, highly qualified professionals, who bring a creative perspective and wealth of fitness and Pilates-specific knowledge to each progressive session.

Pilates sessions are available in private and semi-private duet, trio and quartet sessions (standing, pre-scheduled appointments). We also offer the area's most extensive schedule of convenient, cost-effective, morning and evening Pilates Equipment Drop-In classes (no more than five participants on a come as you like basis), as well as non-equipment based group mat classes. All standing equipment sessions are scheduled by appointment only, and are available as standing, reserved blocks of 5 or 10 pre-paid sessions. 

A committed Pilates practice will connect you to your core, physically strengthen, streamline and tone your entire body, and create focused mental energy to keep you mindfully motivated through every moment of the day.

Pilates, Getting Started 

It's easy to get started with a H.Y.P. Pilates program that will charge, challenge and, profoundly, transform your body and quality of movement. Click here to purchase our $82.00 NEW STUDENT INTRO PRIVATE (regularly $96) online (new students to H.Y.P., or current H.Y.P. students new to Pilates only please), then contact us by e-mail at HYPmanager@aol.com or by phone at any of our Studios. Tell us a little bit about yourself (prior Pilates experience, history of or existing injuries, current level of fitness, best days/times for your lesson) so we can match you to the best instructor for your individual needs, and we'll book your introductory session accordingly. Or click to purchase either our NEW STUDENT (14 consecutive days/2 Pilates equipment group sessions) or NEW STUDENT MONTHLY UNLIMITED (30 consecutive days/3 Pilates Equipment group sessions) passes online or at any Studio location (brand new students only please-one per student) and try out our PIlates Equipment group classes at an unbelievable price point! Buy any of our Pilates private or group packages directly after your intro private or first group session, and receive a one-time 10% discount off your purchase! Please note: an introductory private session is a pre-requisite for participation in any standing Pilates group or Pilates Equipment group class session, i fyou're compltely new to Pilates equipment.

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