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Yoga, the Practice.

Yoga is one of the oldest holistic healthcare systems in existence, with roots dating back almost 5,000 years. Founded in India, the Sanskrit word 'yoga' literally means 'union'. The intent of yoga is to form a vibrant connection between body, mind and spirit, creating a lasting, integrative wellness program that one can cultivate for a lifetime. Today, yoga, in forms both classical and contemporary, has been embraced worldwide for its unparalleled health and healing benefits, available to people of all ages, sizes and levels of fitness.

A yoga practice consists of physical postures called asanas, breathing exercises called pranayama, and elements of meditation. Dynamically incorporated into a whole, yoga combines a compelling physical workout, improving strength, flexibility, balance and endurance, with a profound mental wellness component that conveys focus, clarity, and composure long after practice has ended.

Yoga, at H.Y.P.

Our Needham & Wellesley yoga spaces are filled with soft, ambient lighting, and are heated by custom designed, state-of-the-art systems that provides the perfect blend of heat, humidity and fresh airflow. Each heating system is uniquely designed and developed to the specifications of the particular environmental space. Our flooring solutions are also unique to our Studios, providing a hermetic, anti-bacterial surface that does not allow humidity and sweat to gather between and underneath.

While foundationally based in hot vinyasa flow yoga, all of H.Y.P.'s yoga teachers are enthusiastically encouraged to bring a distinctive sense of inventiveness to class, drawing from their own life experience and unique approach to practice. As a result, each H.Y.P. yoga class is an original, constantly re-created to be fun and vigorously enjoyed in the moment.

We offer a full schedule of morning, evening and weekend classes, that offer challenging, yet accessible instruction for students new to yoga, those who have been cultivating their practice for years, and every manner of inspired yogi in between. Classes include our athletic, vinyasa-based Power Flow (heated to 90-95 degrees), and Low Heat Power Flow (heated to 80-85 degrees), Power Fundamentals (also set to 80-85 degrees), and our ongoing Introduction to Yoga 6 week series. We are also proud to offer Teen and Kid yoga classes, for younger yogis who are ready to fly high with potential and take on the world!

Set a clear intention to come to your mat as often as possible, and you will strengthen your body, center your mind and unfold in ways you might never have thought possible!

Yoga, Getting Started 

It's easy to get started with a transformational yoga practice that will change your life from the outside in. Simply be new to H.Y.P., click to purchase either our NEW STUDENT (14 consecutive days) or NEW STUDENT MONTHLY UNLIMITED (30 consecutive days) passes new online or at any Studio location (brand new students only please-one per student), then come to your mat as much as possible in a 10 (consecutive) day period. New students can also purchase a SINGLE CLASS DROP-IN if the preference is to take it one step, or class, at a time.  Or sign up for one of our ongoing 6 week INTRODUCTION TO YOGA series, which run throughout the year. Either way, get ready to find a passion for practice, mind, body and soul, that will last for a lifetime, on and off the mat! Not sure about which class to start with? Click to e-mail us at, and we'll steer you towards the class which best fits your needs, goals and level of experience.

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