Jacqui Bonwell

I am Jacqui Bonwell, an ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher,) Reiki Master, Yoga Life Coach, Director of the Sacred Seeds Yoga School (RYS) in the Boston/New England area, lululemon Ambassador (Natick) and Owner of the Canton Yoga Shala in Canton, MA. I work primarily with Yoga Teachers through my teaching Apprenticeship programs and my Advanced Teaching Concepts groups.   I feel it is my calling to help others discover that they are their own greatest savior and that the means to salvation is achieved through being of great service to the world in thought, word and action.

After 10 years in Social Services I left the field altogether as a profession.  I continue to do charity in the name of social services but not as a "career."  I am a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and a specialty in Family Violence.  I have traveled extensively through the United States and have been immersed in social services from coast to coast. I lived in Ireland for a brief period working out of a women and children's refuge assisting families and children in Dublin.

My  career eventually left me overworked, overweight, in poor health (ulcers), overstressed and internally sad.  At the same time, there was a lot of joy in the field. There were amazing people who I watched grow and transform in ways I never thought I would bear witness to.  I am still floored by the resilience of some of these people.  I am grateful for my time as a social worker. I really am.  Eventually the balance of joy could not outweigh the stress and the path of yoga called me.   

I am a graduate of the Open Doors Teacher Training program out of Weymouth, MA. This program not only touched on the teachings of yoga (power vinyasa, Hatha & restorative yoga) but included strong energy healing components.  I am eternally grateful to Richard Lanza, Pat Iyer, Jene' Rossi and all of the other wonderful teachers who guided me in this direction.  I am also grateful to Sagarika Ghose, my first yoga teacher!

I want to thank Sharon Gannon (Jivamukti Yoga) who has had a major impact on my teaching and my life.  It was just the right place at the right time when I met her.  She has directed me on the path of genuinely preserving what yoga is all about and living it to the fullest extent.  She has been a major inspiration to me.  I am very grateful and touched by all of the yogi's who have gone before me who have passed down these unbelievable teachings.  I am regularly inspired by my peers that are yoga teachers, in addition to my main teachers: David Vendetti, Johnny Gillespie, Rolf Gates, Sharon Gannon and Pat Iyer.  The list of yogi's and healers that have inspired me is endless.  

It is my mission to direct people back to who you really are-a source of great freedom.  I see these very teachings in my 4 year old daughter, Lola and newborn son Wyatt!!  My two children in spirit are also great teachers and guides for me. They remind me of the importance of daily connection to spirit.  All of my children and students engage me in great divine energy every day. My children have been my greatest teachers along with my husband, my mother, my whole family and all of my friends whom I adore.