Jordan Lashley 

Jordan was dragged to his first yoga class at age 24 by his wife Angela. Stressed out, over worked, in constant physical pain, and wishing to be free of the incessant highs and lows in his life, he found relief on a yoga mat. After practicing yoga for several years, he was encouraged by his long time friend and mentor, Masaaki Okamura, to begin learning to teach yoga. Reluctant at first, he found he quite enjoyed sharing his understanding with others. He continued his teacher training in vinyasa style yoga with Master Baptiste instructors Gregor Singleton and Claire Este-McDonald. Feeling like he had many pieces of a puzzle but could not see the whole picture, he continued training privately with Jacqui Bonwell, and learned more about the spiritual side of yoga. As his yoga practice began to grow from physical to spiritual, he was lead to studying with the founders of Jivamukti Yoga, David Life & Sharon Gannon. Jordan’s understanding of yoga has been shaped and polished by all mentioned here. Many other friends, family, and teachers have helped along the way. Jordan is a regular guy who lives a regular life, and has found balance in that life through the understanding and practice of yoga. He offers his students the philosophies of yoga combined into a physical practice that encourages them to find their own understanding and balance in their lives.