Nicole Joyal
After graduating from Framingham State University I did what I thought was the right choice and jumped head first into the "Corporate World." I sold my Dog Walking Business so I could devote my time to a new Corporate position. I spent the next four years excelling at a company that was too large to fully appreciate what I felt I had to offer.

Right when I hit this crossroad, my best friend, who was working at HYP at this time, told me they were looking for Administrative help, and that I should consider this opportunity. It became my real life "right time, right place" moment.

Having now been with H.Y.P. for a year, I have been fortunate to grow in many ways. I am Co-Studio Manager running the Pilates, TRX, and BarSculpt programs. I found a community in H.Y.P. that I feel honored to be a part of. I not only enjoy my work time but also the amazing classes I am able to participate in. It's nice to be enjoying both work and pleasure with wonderful teachers/friends. I currently live in Natick with my husband and two beautiful dogs, happy, content and looking forward to whatever comes next!