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    How We Make Your Safety our True North


    Since we first opened our Studio, almost 15 years ago, the safety of our students and staff has been our immoveable North Star.

    In other words, we take our responsibility to provide the cleanest, most Massachusetts Covid protocol-mindful environment possible, very seriously.

    To that end, all of our offerings, from our daily, in-person Annex classes, Indoor Yoga Series and Pilates Equipment classes, are facilitated with social distancing and minimized contact firmly in mind and in place.

    We have installed clear plastic barriers between all of our equipment in our Pilates space, keeping students safely separated a mandated 6 feet apart (with barriers installed) while practicing. All contact surfaces, from reformer and Cadillac beds to straps, poles and ancillary equipment, are throughly wiped down with proven Covid-killing cleaning agents directly after each use. At the end of each day, we sanitize the entire space using multiple portable Apollo germicidal UV-C sanitation lamps from SmartUV

    We are holding our group yoga classes at both our original Studio space at 633 Highland Avenue (aka The Mothership), and a new, larger space in our Needham complex, at 661 Highland Avenue, dubbed The HYP Annex.  Our Mothership yoga Studio can accommodate up to 12 students, while the Annex space can accommodate up to 24. Both Studio locations firmly adhere to all current mandated Massachusetts Covid guidelines and protocol, with students placed 6' apart and masks worn indoors at all times. We also employ a hybrid class participation model, where students can either practice in an open Studio environment, following all current protocol for proper social distancing and mask usage, or can elect to set-up behind one of our clear, plastic L shaped protective partitions, to add an extra layer of safety to their practice. 

    Per the #1 safety protocol recommended by Massachusetts Covid guidelines, our windows are kept open at all times in all working spaces, to ensure a continuous flow of fresh, circulating air and sunlight.

    Per the most up-to-date Covid protocol, masks are required at all times for all students and staff, when indoors at any HYP facility, regardless of social distancing. Additionally, students who are participating in indoor classes or sessions are required to take a temperature check upon arrival, prior to entering the yoga Studio or Pilates space. 

    Floor markers are used in our entryway stairwell, and throughout our lobby areas, to best maintain the flow of student traffic and social distancing at all times throughout the indoor class experience. 

    Wellness and safety are not just a Covid-related response to us. It's the way we choose to live and the purpose that has informed every well-scrubbed and sanitized square inch of HYP, since our inception, almost 15 years ago.

    We do it right, or we don't do it at all. No matter which way we are called to adapt, we always travel that path with utmost care.

    Safety Protocol Check List

    • Preregistration is required for all indoor classes and sessions. 12 hours cancelation notice is required for all indoor group yoga classes. 24 hours notice is required for all Pilates group classes.
    • Masks are required at all times in any HYP facility.
    • Social distancing protocols apply at all times. Please observe the floor markers placed in the stairwell and lobby areas. If there is a student on the floor marker in front of you, please stay in place until they have moved forward, vacating that space.
    • Students should bring their own mat, props, towels and hydration. The Studio will not have these items for rent.
    • Should students need blocks or straps, HYP is selling a gently used, well sanitized set of two blocks and a strap for $25.00.
    • Please bring all belongings in the Studio when practicing or at a Pilates session. Our lockers and storage shelves will not be available at this time.
    • If practicing in the open Studio environment, please align the front of your mat to the markers located throughout the floor. Please do not set-up on an unmarked area of the floor.
    • Masks are required to use the bathrooms. We ask that students please wipe down any areas of contact in the bathrooms, after each use, with our supplied cleaning solutions.
    • Our water filler will be available should students need additional water. One student at a time is allowed to use the water filler or bathroom facilities.
    • Please do not come to the Studio is you are feeling ill or experiencing any symptoms of Covid or any other illness. In the event of possible exposure or a confirmed positive test result, we ask that you please inform us as quickly as possible, so we can alert students or staff who may have attended class at the same time. 


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