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    Safely Re-Opening; Our True North


    As per the guidance of the Baker administration, we are so thrilled to announce that, beginning Saturday, 5/29, we will be lifting our current Covid attendance and mask restrictions and moving forward towards a new Studio normal.

    As always, we remain extremely sensitive to the wellness of our community at large. The following new protocol speaks to our commitment to both center the health of our community, while moving back to the physical Studio dynamic of flow, heat and sweat that has made HYP…well, HYP.

    Please refer to the following for new guidelines for participating in HYP classes and Pilates sessions from 5/29/2021 onward.

    For those who have inquired, we will continue our current rigorous cleaning protocol for all surfaces, systems and practice spaces, for the foreseeable future. Additionally, we will also be continuing our daily live-streaming services, as well as maintaining a current library of recorded classes through HYP on Demand.

    Our immeasurable gratitude for your incredible love, support and patronage throughout this immensely difficult year. This beautiful community of students, teachers/trainers and staff are breathtakingly resilient, and the very backbone of this journey called HYP. We stand unflaggingly united in service to you, with purpose, humble hearts and the deepest of delight.

    1. As of 5/29/2021, masks will not be required in the Studio common areas, and while practicing, for all fully vaccinated students. Non-vaccinated students may participate in class, but must wear a mask at all times, while indoors.
    2. For the greater good and safety of our community, we require that all vaccinated students submit proof of their status. We respectfully request that students email a photo/scan of their vaccine card to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible. As a last option, students may bring it with them to class and present it to the desk person on shift, but we highly prefer receiving it digitally, to avoid any in-Studio, front desk logjams. We will be marking accounts once we’ve confirmed your status, so students only need to present proof of vaccination one time only.
    3. Vaccinated students who have yet to submit proof of status will be asked to wear a mask while in the facility and class, until able to do so.
    4. If you are attending a 6:00am Sunrise class and have not yet submitted proof of vaccination status, please make sure to email it to the address above, no later than the day prior to class. Sunrise teachers will not be accepting in-Studio proof of vaccination.
    5. All of our classes have moved back into out original Studio space at 633 Highland Avenue as of 5/29/2021. Although we, technically, will no longer have state-mandated attendance restrictions, we feel it best to slowly transition back to a fuller Studio environment, for the comfort of student and staff alike. For this reason, we will initially be limiting class attendance short of our usual maximum capacity, and continue to strongly encourage students to pre-register for class to secure their spot. While we will accept drop-ins, as always, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate non-registered students.
    6. We respect and support all staff and community members who choose to continue to wear masks while practicing or teaching.
    7. Our shower is, once again, available for use by all students. While we will be providing basic shower products (shampoo, body wash, etc.), as we have in days past, we request that students please bring their own towels for use post-shower.
    8. Blocks and straps will be back in the Studio, although we warmly welcome the continued use of personal props. For sanitary reasons, we have always strongly encouraged students to bring their own personal mats, Yogitoes and towels to class, and will only be providing these items for rent upon request. 


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