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    with Ray Mucci + Alecia Dayger
    Saturday, October 16, 2022
    Investment: $40.
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    Join Ray Mucci, Alecia Dayger, and a team of assistants in this workshop dedicated to the beauty of self care.

    Alecia and Ray have been teaching this workshop for over 8 years in the Boston area, and are looking forward to bringing it to Wellesley and the HYP community. The practice will include 45 minutes of vinyasa flow, followed by 45 minutes of restorative yoga.

    The yin and yang aspects of this workshop allow for both the freedom that comes with an active movement practice and a softening of the mind and body into the restorative space. Ray, Alecia and the assistants will provide hands-on adjustments and support throughout the class.

    Ray Mucci began teaching heated power yoga in 2007 and his current power, vinyasa and slow flow classes are based on an evolution of his practice and experience as both a teacher and student.

    Years of power and vinyasa yoga practice lead to some amazing personal shifts and a respect for what a mindfulness practice can do for your mind and body.

    After more intensive study of alignment, movement and the human body, Ray’s current classes honor the tradition of the practice in a way that will reduce the potential for injuries based on repetitive movement. All while still allowing for space to have fun with yoga, move and engage and feel the strength of your body wherever it is on any day.

    In addition to teaching group classes, Ray teaches anatomy to yoga instructors and has been seeing clients for massage in the Boston area for over 10 years.

    Alecia Dayger, CYT, LMT, MSPT
     is a master teacher, body worker, dear friend of HYP and movement specialist who has been supporting students in and around Boston for over 10 years.
    Her teaching style is informed by her study of physical therapy, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, as well as the applied practices of massage therapy, yoga, and meditation. Her understanding of biomechanics and functional movement allow her yoga classes to be safe and balanced, as well as challenging and fun.
    Alecia’s values of inclusivity, kindness, and self-inquiry shine through her teaching and create a welcoming and safe space where each student can feel more deeply connected to their body.

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