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    No Cell Phone Zone


    Everything old is new again.

    And, in this post-Covid new normal of a landscape, that ol' saying feels more relevant than ever.

    So, in the spirit of the vibrantly mindful community that is all things HYP, come joyful or more challenging times, let this serve as a gentle reminder of the following.

    HYP is a cell-phone free environment.

    When you come in for classes and/or Pilates sessions, please tune into the wonderful vibe that sets the energy of our space, and stow your cell phone with your belongings for the duration of your chosen practice.

    If your profession, or some urgent home circumstance, dictates that your phone must accompany you into our movement spaces, please silence the ringer, and do not text or scroll.

    If you do receive a vital call, please step out of class and into the lobby area, to take it.

    And, while it's never our desire to gate-keep or have to be that guy in terms of policing the actions of our community, our staff and teachers will be asking students to comply with this policy, if they see cell phones out and being used while in class or session.

    Unplug. Breathe. Move your body. Still your spirit.

    We promise that your phone-and all the things-will still be waiting at the conclusion of class.

    You'll just be feelin' a whole lot better equipped to handle any and all of that chaos.

    This, we guarantee.

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