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    The Studio

    HYP Studio is dedicated to the joy of health and self-discovery through Yoga, Pilates and related mind~body modalities, devoted to the philosophy of breath, body and functional wellness from the inside out.

    About the Caretakers

    Created in 2006 by Debra Goodman, with the support and assistance of her life partner, studio a0.5xDennis Ozer, HYP is a proudly woman and family-owned collaborative endeavor.

    Long envisioned, HYP was brought to eventual fruition after the couple's traumatic two year journey through Dennis' aggressive Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and the experimental stem cell transplant that put his cancer into sustained remission.

    Pioneers in the New England large format graphic industry, the couple's previously successful, but time onerous corporate-based careers, proved to no longer be sustainable in the aftermath of Dennis' lengthy recovery from cancer.

    In the wake of Dennis' illness, Debra rediscovered her personal well being, and lifelong passion for all things movement, through a personal Pilates practice.

    Her ongoing studies of breath-based methodologies and their effect on healing, along with an innate entrepreneurial spirit, led her to pivot and adapt both their lives and professional careers to support a rapidly changing new family reality.

    In the wellness environment of breath-centered movement, Debra found both her life's work, and the type of business that would better support both Dennis' recovery process, and the needs of their two young sons.

    Almost 17 years later, HYP's vibrant community continues to survive and thrive. Through the shared joys of the hundreds of students who have graced its four walls and sweaty floorboards, HYP navigated subsequent challenges, including a second cancer rodeo for Dennis and the stress of the global Covid pandemic. The Studio's unique, community-focused alchemy and dedication to practice has made for a truly gifted and resilient cohort of teachers, trainers, students and staff. 

    About the Facilities

    HYP's intimate Studio, located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, offers a wellness atmosphere that's contemporary, welcoming, family-driven and a serene retreat from corporate-based fitness experiences and facilities.

    All of our hot yoga, functional fitness and Pilates equipment group classes, semi-privates and one-on-one sessions, continually challenge on a physical level, while studio a0.5xproviding a supportive, healthy environment for students to set their own personal pace, progress and practice.

    From ownership to instructors and staff, we center a communal, hands-on approach to our community with a distinctly family-run vibe.

    We regard each student's ongoing journey to achieve equilibrium of mind & body, as one profoundly individual and personal. To that end, we gently encourage our community to develop their own path towards that goal, aided by the informed partnership and guidance of our veteran teachers and trainers.

    As HYP's Caretakers, both Debra and Dennis remain fully accessible and present for their community. Dennis is often found behind the front desk, registering students and being the Mayor about town, while Debra serves as the 'woman behind the curtain', orchestrating all things HYP from behind-the-scenes, and personally responding to the vast majority of student correspondence, feedback and concerns.

    Studio Life, In General & Post Covid 

    Covid-19, and the years of essential safety protocols and attendance restrictions which accompanied its onset, posed unique challenges to our 17 year old community and way of doing business. We continue to pivot and adapt both our offerings, and facilities, in response to state mandated regulations and the ongoing changes to the fitness and wellness landscape. 

    As always, the safety of our community and instructors remains our relentless North Star. 

    Our Studio spaces are always stringently cleaned, professionally maintained, with air handling systems in place that allow us to maintain a constant flow of fresh, outside air to the space. Covid best practices dictate that ventilation is king in terms of keeping indoor activities consistently safe.

    Our community is vibrant, dynamic and evolving. We invite you to come tour our beautiful Studio spaces and speak to us about your wellness goals. Or just dive into a yoga or equipment Pilates class and experience our offerings in-person and in real-time.

    Schedule a private session and experience a new level of individualized self-care. Or, contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone at 781.755-6155, to learn how to get started with a yoga, equipment Pilates or functional training program that will support you through a lifetime of integrated, progressive wellness!

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