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    What if I've never done yoga before?

    studio a0.5xWelcome to a journey that will change your life! It's never too late to begin a fulfilling yoga practice, no matter your age, experience or level of fitness! Our faculty of veteran teachers are skilled at accommodating students of all levels and abilities, from the novice to the more experienced practitioner. Always inform your instructor if you are newer to practice, or have any injuries or conditions that may require modification and attention.

    We recommend that those new to class set up behind more experienced students, in order to have a direct visual guide for practice. We've found this approach to be helpful in terms of assisting newer students in getting familiar with poses and sequence, and building a strong foundation of safe, correct alignment. Many students also elect to learn the essentials of a yoga strong practice by signing up for 1-2 yoga privates, for a more one-on-one, individually-focused experience, before stepping into the group class experience. Most importantly, always listen to your body, and give yourself permission to take rest as needed. Also, ask lots of questions after class; your teacher is your best and most valuable resource and guide to a knowledgeable, safe practice!

    What if I'm not flexible?

    This is the most common myth that stops people from coming to yoga class and developing a dedicated practice. All you truly need to do yoga is an open, flexible mind! Yoga is not about the ability to contort yourself into pretzel-like positions, but about learning to, respectfully move, breathe, and work through the tight, difficult places in your mind and body with informed power and purpose. Commit to coming to your mat (3x a week, more if at all feasible) and, over time, your range of motion will increase naturally, as your body strengthens and unfolds in ways you might never have thought possible!

    How often should I practice?

    Like most of the truly great things in life, yoga requires discipline, and commitment, but oh, the benefits you will receive! Come to your mat at least 3 times per week and, with consistent practice, your body will gradually build stamina, strength, and flexibility. Practice 4 or more times per week, and you will see truly transformational results – guaranteed! The more you practice, the faster you'll reap the remarkable benefits of yoga and change your body, spirit and life.

    Will your classes be hard for me?

    HYP's Flow classes are definitely a vigorous, physical workout that will challenge every major muscle group in your body. But it is YOUR practice at all times; you set the intensity of each class you attend. Our instructors will teach appropriate modifications to keep you moving safely in the flow, and knowing when to back-off and rest is equally as important as the work you do in any given pose. Your first few classes may very well seem difficult; you might even feel dizzy or nauseous as you work muscles you didn't know existed and sweat in our heated studio. The good news is that, with experience, snack management and proper hydration, these symptoms will soon pass, and you will be elated with the newfound sense of strength, power and freedom that will emerge in each class as your body and practice evolves!

    What should I wear/bring to class?

    Bring your intent, a towel, lots of water and an open mind; we have all the yoga props you will need at the Studio. For reasons of hygiene, we strongly encourage you to purchase and bring your own personal mat. We have high quality mats available for sale at the Studio, and provide per class rental mats. Come to class dressed in lightweight, comfortable workout wear that is made from sweat-wicking materials. Try to avoid wearing anything too baggy or bulky, such as sweats, as this type of clothing tends to impede your freedom of movement and can get heavy and uncomfortable when wet.

    Why is the room heated?

    studio a0.5xPracticing yoga in a heated studio (we heat ours to 90-95 degrees for 'hot' classes, and 85-90 degrees for 'low heat' classes) provides a myriad of benefits, which enhance your practice, and supports optimum wellness.

    1. Promotes flexibility by keeping muscles warm, loose and relaxed throughout practice, decreasing incidences of strain and injury.
    2. Relieves the stiffness of sore muscles.
    3. Melts away stress and produces a deeper sense of release and surrender.
    4. Produces a deep, cleansing sweat.
    5. Accelerates the cardiovascular benefits of our Flow sequence and can assist in facilitating calorie burning and weight loss.

    Once your body has acclimated to the heat, you'll wonder how you ever practiced without it – believe it! You will leave your mat feeling invigorated, centered and wonderfully cleansed from the inside out!

    Should I eat or drink before coming to a yoga class?

    Try to refrain from eating 2-3 hours before coming to class. During practice, we twist from side to side, turn upside down and bend in all directions. If you are still digesting food from your last meal, your body will probably let you know its 'displeasure' in ways that may not be conducive to an enjoyable practice! If you are concerned that you might feel hungry or light-headed during class, try having a light snack, such as yogurt, a handful of nuts, or an energy bar, about 30 minutes before class.

    On the other hand, proper hydration is vital to your performance and stamina during class. Be sure to drink lots of fluid before coming to practice, and bring enough water or electrolyte-type drinks (we love and personally use Nuun hydration products to keep your body continuously hydrated throughout class.


    How often should I practice Pilates?

    studio a0.5xWhen it comes to Pilates training, its founder, Joseph Pilates, said it best -

    "In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a brand new body."

    After an initial private session, where we will evaluate your specific body and individual needs, we recommend practicing Pilates 3-4 times per week. As with most things in life, consistency and commitment is essential to fitness success and a streamlined physique. A dedicated Pilates program will sculpt and tone your body, develop muscular flexibility and endurance, and allow you to flow, with power and grace, through the Pilates choreography. With consistent practice and determination, the unique exercises will, seemingly, become second nature.

    What kind of apparatus will I use when participating in equipment-based Pilates sessions?

    There are over 500 exercises that have been developed for the four primary pieces of spring resistance-based Pilates apparatus – the integrated Reformer/Tower Unit, the Ladder Barrel and the Stability Chair. Each piece of equipment is complimentary to the other, and has both its own distinct function and unique series of exercises. Each HYP Pilates session will utilize several pieces of the primary equipment, along with small complimentary apparatus, and is guaranteed to keep you and your muscles progressively challenged, inspired and engaged.

    Can I mix private sessions, standing, mat and/or group sessions?

    Not only can you combine your sessions and classes, we actively encourage you to do just that! While private sessions are invaluable for their one-on-one time with our inspiring trainers, our trios, quartets and group sessions provide a terrific balance of personal attention in an energetic, small group setting, and are a fun and affordable way to expand your Pilates practice to several times per week. Additionally, our group mat classes are also a perfect compliment to equipment-based lessons. For many, the mat repertoire is actually more challenging, as you are working with your own body weight, without the aid of the equipment's springs, and need to work deeper and more intuitively to find the proper resistance, balance and alignment.

    Do I have to form my own duet, trio or quartet, or can you get a group together for me?

    studio a0.5xWe have found that most of our students already have a group of friends that they prefer to work with when forming a standing duet, trio or quartet. But, if not, we will be glad to try to put a group together for you, or place you in an existing group that will work best with your schedule and fitness goals. We form our group equipment trios and quartets around your schedule, while keeping in mind the most appropriate client composition to keep all group members progressing at an equal level and pace. To this end, we request that all new clients requesting placement in a standing trio or quartet come into the Studio for one mandatory evaluation session, in order to keep our groups balanced and level-appropriate.

    Do yoga and Pilates compliment one another?

    In our humble opinion, a wellness routine that alternates Yoga and Pilates sessions, sprinkled with some form of cardio (we're Peloton fans), is the optimum, most complete practice for a lifetime of mind/body wellness.

    The controlled, core-focused exercises of the iconic Pilates repertoire perfectly compliment the vigorous, cardiovascular flow of a heated flow yoga class. Both focus on body awareness and breath emphasis as the most essential elements to propel, power and inform the movement. Each will work your muscle groups in different, but highly complimentary ways, synergistically creating a well balanced, cross-trained, healthy body. Both are breath motivated, and require 100% focus and effort to reach your ultimate goals, but with true commitment and intent, will completely transform your body, spirit and entire presence to the world at large!



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