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GROUPON BUYERS! Ready to redeem your voucher?

Welcome to H.Y.P., and our thanks for showing the love by entrusting our Studios with your presence and patronage! It will return to you tenfold through a Yoga or Pilates equipment practice that will bring both a lifetime of wellness and an amazing sense of community.


  • Simply forward your voucher to us by e-mail at; please be sure to include your full name somewhere in the e-mail, andmake sure that you are giving us the number located under the barcode of your voucher.
  • If you are brand new to H.Y.P., please follow the link on your voucher to set-up an account in our system prior to forwarding us your voucher, and we will set up the voucher and classes in your account upon receipt.
  • Please bring a print-out of your Groupon voucher, or be prepared to show it to us on your mobile device, when you come in for your first class. We cannot accept any class reservations without a verified voucher number or hard copy. If you are unable to produce your voucher or code either on your mobile device or with a hard copy print-out when coming to class, please be prepared to pay for a single drop-in until you are able to submit proof of your Groupon purchase.
  • If you purchased our two Yoga or Pilates Private Sessions Groupon, please e-mail us at to set up your private. Please let us know whether you're looking to set-up a Pilates or Yoga private, and provide us with a range of days, dates and times that would work for your schedule. We'll be right back to you with options. 

For those new to H.Y.P., you can access our online WebScheduler system and make class reservations anytime by creating a username and password once you're set up in our system, with your Groupon purchase attached to your account. 


  • We can only accept ONE Groupon voucher of each type (for example: one 8 pass and/or 1 Pilates Equipment 3 Pass) per student~no exceptions. If you have already purchased a voucher, and a friend 'gifts' you an additional one of the same type, we will be unable to honor the additional voucher. If you have inadvertently purchased two Groupon vouchers of the same type for yourself, you can gift one to a friend who does not currently have a voucher and is new to H.Y.P. or call Groupon directly for a refund or exchange. If you already purchased this Groupon promo, you cannot purchase another at a later date to use at the Studio, even if has been 12 months or more since your purchase. One per student means that you can only purchase and use this Groupon promotion one time only.
  • Please read ALL OF THE FINE PRINT on your voucher, detailing the policies and limitations of purchase. As a gentle reminder, our Groupon vouchers are only available to BRAND NEW STUDENTS or former students who have not attended a class at H.Y.P. in one full year. We regret that we cannot honor any vouchers purchased by current H.Y.P. students. If you do purchase one in error, please contact Groupon directly for either a refund or Groupon credit. 
  • All classes on all Groupon vouchers MUST BE USED IN THEIR ENTIRETY within three (3) months of activation
  • Groupons are only good for the exact options purchased. The 8 Class Pass is only applicable to classes on our regular daily class schedule, does not include Pilates equipment classes and cannot be used towards any Workshops of any type, including our Introduction to Yoga series.
  • All vouchers are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and cannot be shared by other students.
  • Unlike our regular class passes, we cannot extend or freeze Groupon vouchers for ANY reason, including ilness or medical procedures with doctor's notes. We ask that you please be respectful and understanding of these policies, and do not ask us to make exceptions.

Yoga and Pilates is our passion, and service is our purpose, so please never hesitate to contact us with questions, feedback or should you require support in any way. Transformation, and a new sense of self, is only a click away!

In the moment-
Debra & the Teachers, Trainers and Staff of H.Y.P.