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@ The HYP Annex

We are beyond over-the-moon, crazy delighted to be back in the saddle, as the saying goes, with daily in-person classes at our HYP Annex location in Needham (our Wellesley location remains closed)!

With the safety of our community and instructors as our relentless north star, we are adapting and refocusing our in-person class model to address any and all concerns for a consumately safe indoor Studio experience.

The HYP Annex is an almost 2,500sq.ft. space located at 661 Highland Avenue (the same general complex as our Mothership), Entrance C, Suite 210. The new facility is in the cluster of buildings located up the stairs from our main parking lot. It is an unused space within the complex that our genuinely incredible Needham landlord is allowing us to use, in order to accommodate a greater number of students, while still strictly adhering to MA Covid guidelines for safe indoor attendance and social distancing. 

The Annex can accommodate 20 total students, with each student practicing in a protective, L-shaped clear partition, separated 6’ apart. While students will be required to wear masks upon entry to and exit from class, and while in any common area, our custom partitions allow us to obey all MA Covid guidelines without having to mandate mask wearing during practice.

Like our original Studio space, the Annex will have open windows and air handling systems that will allow us to maintain a constant flow of fresh, outside air to the space. Covid best practices dictate that ventilation is king in terms of keeping indoor activities consummately safe.

While the space will definitely be quite warm and toasty, it will not currently be heated to the degree of our traditional hot HYP classes. We are diligently researching ancillary heating solutions to make that more of a reality, but can still guarantee that you’ll be getting a juicy sweat on while practicing!

As with all industries across the board these days, we will be instituting safety protocol in the new space, designed to keep our diverse spectrum of students feeling consistently safe and fully comfortable in indoor practice. We recognize that some of our protocol may feel onerous to some, but feel it is important that we address all levels of comfort when bringing uncompromised attention to community safety.

Preregistration and payment is required for all HYP Annex classes, using any regular HYP per count or unlimited pass. Simply sign-in to your MindBody account, navigate to your class of choice (listed under the 'In-Person Classes' tab at the top of the page), and register using an existing pass or by purchasing a single class or package option from the drop-down menu.

New to HYP? CLICK HERE to set up an account in our MindBody system. Please make sure that you're on the In-Person Classes tab when registering for class, and not signing up for any of our Livestream classes, which are listed under a separate tab at the top of the page.

We have a wonderful selection of 7 day a week classes, with more being added as we get busier. CLICK HERE for a full weekly schedule. 

HYP Annex Covid Rules of the Road:

  • Preregistration is required for all classes. Space is limited to 20 students only. We will not be able to accomodate any drop-ins ro students over 20. 
  • Mask required on arrival to and departure from class, and while in any common area, including our restrooms. Masks should remain on until students are situated on their mat, at which point they can be removed for the duration of practice. Please replace it while still on the mat for departure after class.
  • Parking remains in the lower and main lots of our regular Studio space. Please proceed up the stairs from the main parking area (located near the blue dumpsters) to the HYP Annex buildings which are part of the same complex. DO NOT park in the HYP Annex parking area. We are located behind Door C!
  • Please be mindful to remaning socially distanced when going up the Annex stairs and into the lobby area for class check-in. Avoid congregating in common areas.   
  • Bring all belongings into the Studio with you (including shoes and outerwear) and place them behind your partition (there's plenty of extra room). Coat racks, shelves and common storage areas will not be avaiable for use. 
  • At the conclusion of class, roll up your mat and proceed out the back entrance of the space (not the door in which you entered), maintaining 6" of distance at all times. This will lead out to the HYP Annex paring area and the stairs to thr main lot.
  • Students should bring their own mat, props, towels and hydration. The Studio will not have these items available for rent.
  • Should students need blocks or straps, HYP is selling a gently used, well sanitized set of two blocks and a strap for $25.00.
  • If using the restroom during practice, please make sure to replace your mask before leaving your mat. We ask that students wipe down any areas of contact in the bathrooms with our supplied cleaning solutions, after using the restroom. 
Come practice with your favorite HYP teachers, and the best community this side of that dirty water, at our new, winter movement oasis.

Bend. Flow. Pivot. Adapt. It's just how we HYP.