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with Tara Morris & Mikaela Grace

Saturday, December 1st, 2018
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Join spiritual teacher, Mickaela Grace, and powerhouse yoga light and veteran H.Y.P.ster, Tara Morris, on Saturday, 12/1/18, from 1:00-4:00p.m., for a three hour, unique experiential learning immersion on movement, wellness & emotional intelligence like no other!

With a teaching style devoted to direct experience, this Workshop fuses consciousness coaching, sound healing, vinyasa flow, guided meditation, and hands-on shamanic healing with essential oils to release trapped emotion and limiting beliefs—all while increasing immunity, productivity, vitality, and joy.

This deeply transformational format includes:
  • Relatable life coaching and quantum physics teachings that occur while enjoying vinyasa flow or restorative yoga postures. (*Note: though movement is encouraged, no yoga is required. Participants may choose to lay down or take notes while receiving teachings).
  • Beautiful and impactful partner work and guided meditations (that require no verbal exchange) to help shed old belief patterns, toxicity, stored emotion, or debilitating narratives. We help people drop their stories in a powerful way. 
  • Live music and medicine songs, energetic release work, hands-on adjustments with essential oils, and shamanic ceremony.
  • Spiritual tools and exercises from myriad traditions that are easily learned and assimilated into daily being.
Explore new ways to mitigate stress, negativity, emotionality, and conflict with simple meditation, movement, thought-patterning, and energetic tools such as mantras, medicine songs, mind-mapping & brain re-entrainment, breathwork, mudras, Qi Gong, and esoteric acupuncture techniques.

$85.00 investment-limited space available.