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with Lauren Perreault

Saturday, September 14th, 2019
Investment: $40.00
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I’m elated to welcome dear friend, yoga teacher & intuitive psychic, Lauren Perreault, back to her forever home here at H.Y.P. Studio.

In the years since this foundational former yoga teacher of ours left the auspices of H.Y.P to move to Maine, she has developed into one of the area’s most gifted teachers of this beautiful art of asana.

Along with the evolution of her teaching, came the deeper exploration & growth of her natural intuitive gifts, where she discovered an organic c
onnection & ability to communicate with those who have passed into ancestry.

To put it simply, Lauren is the real deal & then some. Do. Not. Miss. this opportunity to connect with your loved ones who guide from spirit & to share this time with Lauren in energetic community & loving connection.

Join Intuitive & Psychic-Medium, Lauren Perreault, for an experience of connection to spirit and universal wisdom.

In this two-hour Workshop, Lauren will connect to spirits & energies of loved ones who have passed and guides & protective energies on the other side & will share information and wisdom from the universe.

The experience is eye-opening for all attendees, who will leave feeling enlightened & at peace. Lauren does not ascribe to any one religious or philosophical doctrine, but is open to all walks of life. Everyone is welcome! Investment: $40.00

I am a psychic/medium, which means that I'm able to connect to the consciousnesses of those who have passed. I don't typically "see ghosts" (although that has happened on rare occasions); instead, I receive awareness, information and knowledge from those who have passed.

Every living person has someone (usually many people!) on the other side who become present when we begin our work. I don't have control over who shows up or who doesn't, but I can usually "call on" someone if he or she is not present during the reading. Quite often there is a message or a directive from the other side.