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A Heart-Opening Workshop with Masaaki Okamura & Einat Pelad-Katz

Sunday, October 20th, 2019
Investment: $35.
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Do you love backbends? Do you hate them? Afraid of them? Great at them? - Good news-This workshop is perfect for you!

Back Bends demand a sense of control over the different sections of the back body in order to experience it more fully and subtly. And the result? they don't call them heart openers for nothing! Back bends invigorate the nervous system, elevate and brighten our mood, and help us advance our practice.

In this workshop we will learn how to access heart opening and go further and deeper in your practice while keeping the spine free from pain and injury.
We will move vigorously to prepare the body with both the required strength and flexibility of core, shoulders and hips, and then take a look at the inner workings and anatomy of a proper back bend through discussion, couple work, and demonstration.
We will also consider the appropriate philosophical ideas that can be applied here for some deeper self study, i.e. what can you take off your mat from studying back bends. Armed with this knowledge we will start with the more ubiquitous poses like urdvha danurasana (wheel), and ustrasana (camel) and from there progress to tackle others such as viparita dandasana and eka pada raj kapotasana variations with joy and playfulness.