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A 3 Hour Balanced Immersion with Tara Morris

Saturday, January 25th, 2020
Investment: $50.
to register.

Balance is everything. 

In work. Rest. Relationships. Consumerism. Self-care.

But never is it more integral than in this essential movement resource we call practice.

Join Tara Morris in an immersive excavation to discover the sublime fulcrum of you. In movement and stillness. Spontaneous flow and symmetric rest. The best of you, gently guided into perfect balance, led by this remarkable teacher of life, vision and asana.

This 3 hour journey into the prism of practice will begin with an active, sweaty, deeply cathartic power flow, designed to energetically rinse all things outward, to prepare the inward you for the opportunity to access every iota of authentic rest and relaxation. 

The still portion of this experience centers restorative pose work supported by blankets, bolsters and props, allowing students to compassionately discover the nurturing safety of their own true north. The intimately attuned healer in you, that safe home and haven within yourself, is always just a restorative breath, and gentle release, away.

Please make sure to bring an extra set of clothes, as wet workout wear will not be conducive or comfortable for the still portion of class. The Workshop will include a 20 minute break, and light refreshments, between the flow and restorative portions of class, to allow students to change into dry clothes.