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Livestream Classes on Zoom


It has been our honor to stand in support of this remarkable community through donation-based Facebook Live classes, since we first closed on March 13th in response to Covid-19. 
These last 6 months have seen us, as a community, pivoting and adapting to an ever fluid wellness landscape by offering Virtually HYP classes, along with outdoor in-person classes, indoor Pilates equipment training and small group In-Studio yoga series, all centered around our Needham Mothership facility.
From a Studio longevity perspective, we had hoped to be fully transitioned to a fee-based livestream model, via MindBody’s new platform, as we had first announced back in July. However, we continue to have to wait for the final onboarding of their class recording functionality, which is, unfortunately, still running behind schedule. 
Without a definitive timeline for that in place, we have decided to move forward with transitioning our livestream offerings to a fee-based system, using the Zoom platform.
We will continue to livestream a weekly donation-based class or two via Facebook Live, through our HYP Facebook page, as well as provide open access to all previously recorded class content that currently resides on our Facebook page. All other future livestream classes and subsequent recordings will migrate to Zoom and HYP on Demand, respectively, beginning Monday, September 21st.
In order to access future livestream Zoom classes starting on 9/21, it will first be necessary to preregister and pay for class through MindBody. Please follow these instructions to set-up an account in our Mindbody system, if you’re new to HYP, or sign into your existing MindBody account:
  • CLICK THIS LINK to bring up our Mindbody registration page.
  • Click 'Sign In', if you’re an existing student, to access your account with your username and password. 
  • Click 'Create Account', if you're brand new to HYP, and follow all prompts to set-up a new account.
Once you’ve set-up your account, you can log-in anytime to register for our schedule of virtual livestream, Pilates equipment or outdoor in-person classes. To avoid registration confusion, Livestream, Pilates Equipment and Outdoor in-person classes are all listed under separate tabs on MindBody, at the top of the page, and under the ‘Schedule’ heading on our website (see graphic at bottom of page).
To register to view a Livestream class on Zoom: 
  1. Log into your MindBody account and click on the tab labeled ‘Livestream Classes’ to view the schedule and navigate to your class of choice.
  2. All Zoom livestream classes will require preregistration and payment in order to view the class. Please register the evening before for 6:00am and 7:00am virtual classes, and no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of class for all other virtual classes.
  3. Register for class by either choosing a livestream payment option from the drop-down menu, or using any existing regular class pass (per count or unlimited) to pay for class (we’re now accepting all existing, previously frozen class passes, including unlimiteds, and will be extending them out for the 5 months of our closure). Students MUST be registered and paid through MindBody in order to view class on Zoom.
  4. All of our classes will have one assigned recurring Zoom Meeting ID that will be listed along with the class title on our MindBody schedule. Use will that Meeting ID to join your meeting/class of choice on Zoom. Please note that we will not be using or sending out passwords in order to attend class.
  5. Log into your Zoom account 15 minutes prior to the start of class, and type in the Meeting ID for your desired class (if you are not already using Zoom, you can download the Zoom app by going to
  6. All students will automatically be placed in the Zoom waiting room for that particular class and will be admitted individually once the instructor has confirmed paid registration via MindBody. Please be patient during this process.
  7. Class will start on time. We will not be able to admit: late registrations (past 30 minutes prior to class), late arrivals (any time past the start of class) and students who have not already registered or paid for class.
  8. If you register and pay for a livestream class, but are unable to participate at the designated time, please send an email to, with your name and the class in question, and we’ll send you a link for a one time viewing at your convenience.
  9. Please note that regular per count and unlimited class passes CAN be used for in-person or virtual classes, but livestream only payment options CANNOT be used for in-person classes. 
Please understand that livestreaming is a bit of an imperfect science that is dependent on internet strength, bandwidth availability and, especially for outdoor classes, weather conditions such as wind and ambient traffic noise. If we drop connection or have a technical glitch during class, please remain on the livestream, be patient, and know that our teachers and technicians are doing their level best to fix the issue as quickly as possible.
As with everything that we endeavor, the safety, health and support of this community remains our central priority. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are still in a financial situation that makes access to classes challenging, to discuss options for continuing your practice. Our community is our purpose. We remain forever here for you, to best serve and uplift, through all circumstances.
In Gratitude, 
Debra and the Teachers and Staff of HYP