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Safety-centric Indoor Yoga Series  

We ain’t kidding when we say pivot & adapt.

While we would love to reopen with packed classes and the delicious heat that we're known for through New England, we realize that neither scenario is currently safe for our community or our teachers.

And, from weather related cancelations & our initial Covid closure, to our response when given the Massachusetts Covid reopening, Phase 3 green light, safety has historically been, and will forever remain, HYP's irrevocable True North.

Centering that pledge, we’re deeply excited to announce the launch of our small group Indoor Yoga Series, in a yoga studio fully reconfigured for optimum safety, per Massachusetts’ Covid best practice guidelines for fitness/gym facilities. 

Our custom-built, safety-centric plastic barriers allow us to accept up to 8 students per series of classes, set 6’ plus apart. Here’s how it works:
  • Up to 8 students register & commits, as a group, to a 5 week class series.
  • Each series meets weekly at the same time with their designated instructor. 
  • When arriving for class, students enter the Studio individually, mask on, observing the social distancing markers on the stair landings and in the common areas.
  • Temperature checks & hand sanitizer application is required before proceeding to the Studio. 
  • After the temperature check, students are assigned a spot between the plastic barriers, & stay in place, on their mats, prior to removing masks. 
  • Students will practice in place between the plastic barriers, facing the open windows. 
  • Each registered student will receive a set of two blocks and one strap to own and use as their personal props for the duration of the series.
  • The Studio space will be pre-heated, but the heat will not be running during class. Windows will remain open at all times for optimum air flow.
  • At the conclusion of class, students will remain seated on their mats until asked to leave, in order to maintain social distancing protocol.

$150. investment for each series of classes (5 total) and will be ongoing. CLICK HERE to view our schedule of currently available Indoor Yoga Series offerings. The current cohort of students will be offered the opportunty to continue to practice together, without interruption, by registering for the next 5 weeks of classes.